Oxygen Facial (Refresh & Rejuvenate) $149

Breathe Life back into your SKIN with our Oxygen Facial.
This treatment is designed to hydrate the skin by using pressurized oxygen to allow a serum to penetrate deeper into the skin. This fast-acting facial replenishes the levels of oxygen in your skin, eliminates wrinkles and blemishes, and restores a youthful appearance to your skin.
The luxurious and balancing oxygen facial features a perfect combination of micro-exfoliation & oxygenation leave you with healthy, revitalized, and glowing skin.
Most clients see immediate results after their first experience with an oxygen facial,
Six treatments — once per week for six weeks — is considered the optimum series to get the fullest and longest-lasting results from this kind of facial.
After your six week series is completed, we recommend once a month for “oxygen maintenance” to keep your skin looking youthful and dewy-fresh.
• Detoxes the skin. Air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other everyday toxins rob the skin of essential oxygen. It helps rejuvenate oxygen-starved skin and reverses the effects of pollutants.
• Boosts collagen production. As we grow older, our collagen levels decrease. This facial infuses our skin with essential vitamins and oxygen, promoting the production of collagen.
• Shrinks pores. Not only does this treatment help shrink pores, but it offers a deep cleansing so you can have acne and blemish-free skin.
• Helps create new cells at a faster pace. Scientists believe that by infusing oxygen into the skin, we’re helping our skin create cells at a faster pace. New cells help speed up the healing of acne scars, sun spots, and other blemishes.
• No side effects or downtime. Unlike other skincare treatments, this facial requires no downtime, has no side effects and is pain-free. No burning, no redness and no stinging. After the facial is done, you can resume all normal activities.
• Promotes glowing skin. Glowing skin is always in! The oxygen facial helps dish the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging while enhancing overall hydration and promoting younger-looking skin.